Biofield Vibrational Tuning Sessions, Shamanic Breathwork with the Spirit Drum, Usui Lineage of Reiki and Red Road Earth-Based Wisdom Teachings and Counsel.

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HIGH FREQUENCY products healing living being

The essence of all of creation including humans is oscillating vibrational energy. When you are in a state of grace, flow, happiness and love, it is said that your frequency or vibration is higher. It is, in fact, your natural state of being on all levels — your true eternal nature. Our offerings are to support this and to support you as a high-frequency being, living a grace-filled joyous life.




CATERING | Event | Almost 30 Podcast

Providing delicious and good-for-you nutrition is such an important part of our live events.

We want our audience members to feel nourished with high-quality food and Nourished+Nurtured exceeded all of our expectations!

It was SUCH a pleasure working with Shakti - she was so communicative, organized and committed to delivering the best experience possible. She really understood what we needed and was an integral part of our Sydney event. We look forward to working with her again in the future! - Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik of Almost 30 Podcast
07/02/2020/by Shakti Grace

CATERING | Retreats | Tammie, Vibrant Woman

“Shakti is professional, organised and knowledgeable. As a qualified chef and expert on nutrition she gives you the right type of food to nourish your body and feed your mind. Over our 5-day retreat Shakti presented with a variety of dishes so we were never bored, everything was fresh, unique and delicious. She catered to a variety of dietary requirements with ease. Her menu is seasonal and compliments the retreat you are running. Having run over 40 retreats this is the best food we have ever had. I can highly recommend Shakti” 
10/09/2019/by Shakti Grace

CATERING | Event | Mel Nahas, Conscious City Guide

“Shakti catered my 30th birthday dinner for 25 of my nearest and dearest. They all absolutely LOVED the food. Shakti worked seamlessly with her team in creating a beautiful evening filled with nutritious and delicious delights. She was an absolute pleasure to work with in creating my perfect menu and really delivered beyond my expectations. I look forward to the next event where I can call Shakti up to create a scrumptious meal again!! Thanks Shakti, you were the most important part of the evening and you made it a celebration I will never forget.”
09/05/2019/by Corina Schurmann

ALCHEMY | Supergreens | Emily

I've been mixing Alchemy Supergreens into my juices almost every day since I discovered it. Working in the health food industry, I've tried lots of green powders and superfoods, and this is one that really lives up to its name! It tastes great and gives me a huge energy boost. All the ingredients are amazing, and I know it's made with love!
01/11/2018/by Corina Schurmann

ALCHEMY | Supergreens | Kat

My daughter Lily and I love the Alchemy Supergreens Vanilla Smoothie from Shakti's Soul Food book. After years and years of battling with my girl to eat her greens, (with much greying of hair and gnashing of teeth ensuing), I can finally get some into her (at age 7!) by giving her the Green Vanilla Smoothie into which I liberally sprinkle Alchemy Supergreens. The blend itself is tasteless (helpful with picky eaters), mixes beautifully with anything you throw into your blender and doesn't clump into powdery lumps like some other greens powders I have used. Whilst my girl is still a little suspicious of anything green coloured, she loves the taste and will drink it often enough that I am no longer worried about her getting rickets! Now if we can just convince my little Bear (aged 4 and apparently highly allergic to vegetables) to try it, I will be a happy (slightly less greying) mamma. I recommend Alchemy Supergreens for any mamma who needs to keep her energy up or who is concerned about their kids nutrition. There is nothing but goodness in the tub and you don't need to worry about fillers and other nasties - it's just chock full of green nature love. Enjoy.
19/10/2018/by Corina Schurmann

ALCHEMY | Supergreens | Sally G., Reflexologist

“Thanks Shakti. After taking Alchemy Supergreens for a short while, I found a huge improvement with my digestive system - which I am so happy about as I know how important it is for optimal health to have a well functioning digestive system. Your Supergreens Blend is now an important part of my daily health regime as it is so very beneficial to my wellbeing.”
20/09/2018/by Corina Schurmann

ALCHEMY | Supergrens | Nicole H.

“I have been using Alchemy Supergreens for over 3 years now because it is the best super greens powder on the market. Not only does it taste delicious, there is also nothing like it in terms of quality and ingredients. I value Shakti’s commitment to quality – not just where she sources the ingredients but also the love she has put into formulating this alchemical gift. I always find beautiful hand-written notes on my Alchemy Supergreens; they make my heart smile. I take one tablespoon per day in a glass of water on an empty stomach to maximise absorption and aid digestion. Alchemy Supergreens offers my system the alkalinity that my body really loves and is important to me for both prevention and to support my healing and recovery from a history of illness. It is a staple in my daily diet. Thank you Shakti and Nourished + Nurtured.
27/07/2018/by Corina Schurmann

ALCHEMY | Supergreens | Veronica

I had been using a very well know brand of green blend for years and needed a change. Doing a quick google I came across Alchemy Supergreens and decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised, the ingredients are well sourced and of very high quality, the use of bee pollen as a sweetener works really well, little explosions going off in your mouth, yum, and no bitter after taste. I'm hooked now and feel great!
05/07/2018/by Corina Schurmann

ALCHEMY | Supergreens | Penny

I have been taking the Alchemy Supergreens blend for quite a few months now. I absolutely love it!!! I am very busy in my work life and have the intention of eating lots of vegetables and fruit on a daily basis, but I admit, busy schedules and constant meetings very often take over. So the Supergreens blend is a fabulous way of ensuring I am having a big dose of good alkalising and energising foods and minerals. I love the taste and I love the results....I feel good, and I get through with energy and vitality. Thank you Shakti.
02/07/2018/by Corina Schurmann

ALCHEMY | Supergreens | Kristen

Dear Nourished and Nurtured and Shakti,
Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product in Alchemy Supergreens.
I have been searching for 15 years to find a solution to a un-diagnosed chronic digestive disorder which includes severe constipation, bloating and nausea. I have never had a product where I have had such great results. My bloating has reduced by 60%, for the first time in 15 years I am regular and feel very little to no nausea. My energy levels increased and mood has stabilized. Not only has this had a positive impact on my everyday life, but also in my relationship, my partner of 7 years is very happy to see me finally being able to cope with this long term issue. I highly recommend Alchemy Supergreens to anyone that wants to feel at 100% of their being! This product has absolutely changed my life, for that I am extremely thankful.
05/06/2018/by Corina Schurmann

ALCHEMY | Supergreens | Kara

Shakti I hadn't had my Alchemy Supergreens for the last few days and I could feel the difference! Whipped up a green smoothie with it tonight and already I feel better. It truly is AMAZING! And so are you. xx
03/06/2018/by Corina Schurmann

ALCHEMY | Supergreens | Phil M.

“In my Job as a long haul airline pilot, I experience constant changes in diet and eating times. I have found Alchemy Supergreens to be a fantastic and supportive supplement to aid my digestive health, and energy levels and this Supergreens formula has become a staple at home and away! Thank you.“
10/05/2018/by Corina Schurmann
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