ALCHEMY | Supergreens | Kat

My daughter Lily and I love the Alchemy Supergreens Vanilla Smoothie from Shakti’s Soul Food book. After years and years of battling with my girl to eat her greens, (with much greying of hair and gnashing of teeth ensuing), I can finally get some into her (at age 7!) by giving her the Green Vanilla Smoothie into which I liberally sprinkle Alchemy Supergreens. The blend itself is tasteless (helpful with picky eaters), mixes beautifully with anything you throw into your blender and doesn’t clump into powdery lumps like some other greens powders I have used. Whilst my girl is still a little suspicious of anything green coloured, she loves the taste and will drink it often enough that I am no longer worried about her getting rickets! Now if we can just convince my little Bear (aged 4 and apparently highly allergic to vegetables) to try it, I will be a happy (slightly less greying) mamma. I recommend Alchemy Supergreens for any mamma who needs to keep her energy up or who is concerned about their kids nutrition. There is nothing but goodness in the tub and you don’t need to worry about fillers and other nasties – it’s just chock full of green nature love. Enjoy.