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Storing High Frequency Products in High Frequency Glass
It is our intention that you buy your first product in a Miron Violet Glass Jar and then use the pouches to refill your jar. The idea is that the refill pouches are opened and sealed once or twice at most, and stored well to preserve the integrity of the product within the pouches and also the product that is stored in the glass during daily use.

If you choose to collect many jars they have so many uses and look great on the counter or shelf.

Why we use Miron Glass
We want to share with you why we use Miron Violet Glass for optimal containment of our Alchemy Product Range. This glass both protects the potency and quality of our consciously sourced and created high frequency products.

Miron Glass delivered their first glass range in 1997 to “Spirulina International”, for the storage of spirulina algae, so this speaks volumes to it being our primary choice.

This pioneering violet glass is based on the science of biophontonics, engineered in the Netherlands, and has only recently been given the go ahead to be used in Australia for the optimal storage of our Supergreens and new products.

We are so excited as it has been a long held dream to utilise this high frequency glass for our high frequency Alchemy range.

To find out more about Miron violet and protective glass please go to their site and see why it is the best storage solution we have found.

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