Deluxe Pack

A$ 190.00

18 Vitality Elixir Jar (150g)
09 Supergreens Jar (200g)
27 Cacao Elixir Jar (200g)

We have been dreaming of providing the goodness and vitality of our Alchemy – High Frequency Food range in a high-quality home. With the use of the Miron Violet glass jars this has now become reality. A nourishing and nurturing journey through your day, and as a bonus they look great on the counter too!

Our Deluxe Pack includes the Vitality Elixir, Supergreens and Cacao Elixir, all in the Miron glass jars.

With one click and a discount included, plus free shipping you have the whole Miron glass jar range at your fingertips.

The frequency of the product is held, and the freshness and stability is assured. We hope you love this new home for the range as much as we do.

*Please note due to quarantine legislation we cannot ship Alchemy Supergreens to West Australia. This is to protect the West Australian bees. WA customers, we can still offer an amended pack, please send us a message.

Pure. Clean. Simple
Elements of a High Frequency Life.

FREE SHIPPING applies to this bundled product.