Refill Pack

A$ 125.00

18 Vitality Elixir Pouch (150g)
09 Supergreens Pouch (150g)
27 Cacao Elixir Pouch (200g)
36 Soothing Tisane Pouch (70g)

The Refill Pack is our complete range to top up your Miron glass jars. These products will take you through your day, from morning until just before your head hits the pillow ensuring your vitality is supported.

With one click and a discount included, plus free shipping you have the full Refill Pack of the Alchemy – High Frequency range at your fingertips.

The frequency of the powdered product is held in the Miron glass jars, and freshness and stability is assured. Our intention is that you only have to open the pouches once to top up the jar. Pouches may allow moisture if not sealed properly once opened. Therefore, please bear in mind that not using jars may affect the integrity of the product.

*Please note due to quarantine legislation we cannot ship Alchemy Supergreens to West Australia. This is to protect the West Australian bees. WA customers, we can still offer an amended pack, please send us a message.

If you find the pouches more convenient, we encourage you to make sure they are properly sealed and kept in a cool and dry cupboard. Do not keep in the fridge, as it can also invite moisture.

The refill pack still offers you a nourishing and nurturing journey through your day, and you can in time build up to utilising the whole powdered range of Vitality Elixir, Supergreens and Cacao Elixir in the Miron glass jars.

Pure. Clean. Simple.
Elements of a High Frequency Life.

FREE SHIPPING applies to this bundled product.