ALCHEMY | Supergrens | Nicole H.

“I have been using Alchemy Supergreens for over 3 years now because it is the best super greens powder on the market. Not only does it taste delicious, there is also nothing like it in terms of quality and ingredients. I value Shakti’s commitment to quality – not just where she sources the ingredients but also the love she has put into formulating this alchemical gift. I always find beautiful hand-written notes on my Alchemy Supergreens; they make my heart smile. I take one tablespoon per day in a glass of water on an empty stomach to maximise absorption and aid digestion. Alchemy Supergreens offers my system the alkalinity that my body really loves and is important to me for both prevention and to support my healing and recovery from a history of illness. It is a staple in my daily diet. Thank you Shakti and Nourished + Nurtured.