09 Supergreens – 200g

A$ 90.00

Alchemy Supergreens (formerly Shakti’s Superfood Blend®), is a complete greens blend that is simple in it’s efficacy and a clean high frequency nutritional offering. You can literally feel it flooding your cells with goodness, achieving the moniker of our mission, which is to Nourish + Nurture you on all levels of your being.

With only 8 ingredients,  we offer you an energy boosting, detox and alkalising formula containing absolutely no fillers or sweeteners. The secret to this blend is the potency of ingredients, the sourcing and the synergy of the formula.

Created in 2010 and based on sound nutritional research, Alchemy Supergreens is the most optimum way to achieve plant based support and phytonutrients in easy an easy to digest and clean tasting form.

Made with potent amounts of Spirulina, Broken Cell Chorella, West Australian Bee Pollen, and a harmonious formula of the 5 supporting cast Wheatgrass, Barleygrass, Maca, Mesquite and Chia.

Pure. Clean. Green. No need for fillers, additives, fruit powders or sweeteners.

This original and synergistic formula was developed over 5 years ago utilising indigenous wisdoms and plant magic including West Australia Bee Pollen, the most pure gift of nature. There is no other complete food like it.

This product contains bee pollen and may cause severe allergic reaction.

If you are pregnant/lactating or suffer from a serious medical condition consult your health care professional before using this product. This is a formulated, functional food.

*Please note due to quarantine legislation we cannot ship Alchemy Supergreens to West Australia. This is to protect the West Australian bees. WA customers, we can still offer an amended pack, please send us a message.