Welcome, I am so pleased you have stopped by to say hello. Thank You.

Welcome to our site, and the new offerings at Nourished and Nurtured.

Many of you may recognise The Holistic Chef aspect of the offerings, and may also recognise the ingredients for the Alchemy Supergreens as it is the re-envisioned Shakti’s Superfood Blend®. The popular formula is the same simply a new look and high frequency container.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you, and share with you why the changes and new energy infusion. A longer form explanation than can be found on the website itself.

The work I have been doing for many years has always had the same Why, the same intention. To be of service to the wellbeing and vitality of the planet.

Initially this started as the potent and clean offering in Shakti’s Superfood Blend® and The Holistic Chef Workshops and for many years as things do, this part of the vision has grown, morphed and shifted. The needs and awareness of health and wellness and its importance has fantastically increased for everyone, and social media has certainly helped this.

It became apparent I needed to cohesively place all of my visions and shamanic work into one place. To share them in a way of conscious business with a clear misison statement and intention. This is where the creation of the not for profit Foundation came about. Heart centered business in action.

The mission statement of Nourished and Nurtured Foundation is stated clearly on the footer of the website and is the full expression of how N + N intends to be of service.

Additionally I have received many wonderfully cosmic downloads in the last 2 years of the new products that wanted to be birthed, but they do come through in their own time, so I had to be patient.

Our new range of supplemental products for retail and on line is Alchemy – High Frequency Food. We created a story, that takes you through the day, a way to make it easy for you to support and nourish yourself. Pure, clean and simple.

All organic, wildcrafted, no additives, no fillers, simply potent formulas that contain the medicine of bioactive ingredients. You can feel them doing good in your system almost immediately.

These formulas are synergistic, the ingredients are consciously sourced and the products are all infused with solfeggio frequencies after being blended, this all speaks to you on a cellular level, to your DNA.

The gold on the top of this alchemical offering is the use of Miron Glass to house these premium formulas. Miron Violette Glass distinguishes itself by its high quality and offers the ingredients optimal protection against the harmful effects of light. This glass increases the shelf life and integrity of the products and prolongs their potency. I dreamt of this new home for the products for a long time.

The suggestion is that the glass is refilled after your first purchase and use. It can stay on the counter away from heat and is light protected. The jar is classic in design and shelf stable. You then only need to open the pouches once to refill your glass jar. This means the products stay fresh and are not contaminated in the pouches that are often not sealed properly in regular use. This is why I have not used pouches in the past.

The packaging is imbued with cosmic blessing and very thoughtfully crafted to align with the ingredients and intention within. High frequency crystal and solfeggio frequencies are infused in the storage area, which I know enhances the product.

Alongside the new product range I am so overjoyed to also announce that Nourished + Nurtured is now the Resident Holistic Caterer and Supplement provider for The Greenhouse Retreat Space on the Central Coast of NSW and is also a regular catering choice of Yoga teachers and Facilitators in Australia.

Lastly it has been important to me to bring the Shamanic work and the teachers and Elders to more prominience on the website, as my work within these Native American Traditons and healing spaces has increased so much in the last 4 years.

It will become a more regular offering to run retreats that include the Native American practices especially for women as I have been guided to by the Elder Don Valerio.

This is what makes my heart dance and brings me joy. This is the WHY.

This is my purpose and dream. And I feel so blessed to be able to bring them to you in this way. So grateful and so humbled.

If you have any questions please drop me a line via the contact page, and I look forward to seeing you on Social Media or via email.

Blessings and Gratitude
Shakti xxx